Impact is at the heart of the European Social Innovation Competition. It is one of our 4 criteria that we use to evaluate entries and we even have an additional dedicated Impact Prize.


We approach impact in two key ways:

We focus on supporting ideas, that have the potential to enable real social impact. We take these projects through a package of support related to social innovation, including – of course – impact methodology and measurement. By providing all 30 Semi-Finalists with this support, their capacity and ability to further develop and implement their ideas are strengthened. This in turn leads to an increase in the quantity and quality of solutions addressing pressing social issues across Europe.

We also look at impact post-prize. Going beyond our core 3 prizes awarded every year, we also award an Impact Prize worth €50,000. This dedicated prize is only open Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and Winners from the previous year’s competition. The Impact Prize recognises the project that has achieved the most significant social impact over the past 12 months. This extra prize is designed to ensure that the projects we support go on to implement their ideas, whilst focusing on their social impact.

The 2018 Impact Prize winner was Mouse4all, a social enterprise based in Madrid, Spain

The world is becoming mobile, but millions of people are being left out of this technological revolution. Persons with motor disabilities cannot use or have difficulty using a touch screen, the physical interface of most mobile devices. Mouse4all has created a product to enable users to access Android tablets and smartphones with alternative input devices: switches, adapted mice, trackballs and joysticks.

Mouse4All is boosting the independence and autonomy of people by increasing accessibility to their Android device.

Previous Impact Prize Winners

    2017: Bike Project (UK)

    The Bike Project refurbishes second hand bikes to donate to refugees and asylum-seekers, tackling the issue of lack of mobility, contributing to the users’ independence and access to services. The project has donated 1000 bikes to refugees in the space of a year. A proportion of the bikes received are sold through its trading arm The Bike Shop to generate funds for the project and ensure long-term sustainability.

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    2016: Love Your Waste (France)

    Love Your Waste is a social enterprise fighting food waste. It works with canteens in companies, schools, and hospitals, collecting biowaste which is transformed into renewable energy. Since April 2015 they have recycled over 137 tonnes of food waste as well as carrying out extensive education programmes to help people understand and prevent waste.

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