The European Social Innovation Competition is delivered on behalf of the European Commission by a Consortium of partners led by Nesta and including Kennisland, Ashoka Spain, the European Network of Living Labs, and Scholz & Friends. 

Nesta's Challenge Prize Centre

Nesta is an Innovation Foundation. We believe that innovation – the creation and adoption of new ideas – is the key to human progress, prosperity and happiness. But too often innovation doesn’t back the things that really matter to people. We want to make innovation work for everyone – growing new ideas that tackle the challenges our society faces and change the world for the better. 


Kennisland researches and designs social progress, by improving society’s capacity to learn and innovate. We strive for a world in which social systems support people, rather than holding them back, in which everyone can benefit, rather than just the happy few. We work to achieve a society that is inclusive and sustainable in all respects. We design new concepts, strategies, learning programmes, methods and learning communities that help society to progress – and not just on paper, but most of all in practice.

Ashoka Spain

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society.


The European Network of Living Labs is the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs. Putting the people in the driver seat of the innovation, the network provides co-creation, user engagement methodologies, test and experimentation facilities in various domains.

Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends is one of Europe’s largest advertising agencies, working for the European Commission and other international institutions, associations and organisations. Winner for numerous awards for campaign efficiency, the Scholz & Friends “Orchestra of Ideas” model unites all communication instruments under one roof and provides full service communications support.