Apaga engages people in recycling by allowing them to benefit from it. It is a platform bringing together and rewarding environmentally aware people from all around the world in one green community. Starting from Yerevan, Armenia, our users register on the app and create their profile page. They receive a unique QR code, which they can use to access a network of smart containers for their plastics to be recycled. Once users enter their plastics, the quantity is measured and the plastic is delivered to the storage container. Based on the quantity, users are rewarded with green points on the app. These points can be used for getting discount coupons, special offers and gifts from our retail partners (shops, restaurants, etc.). The quantity measured is also recorded on the profile page of users, where they can see their total environmental impact. Containers are equipped with ultrasound sensors, which show in our database when they get full. Orders to empty the containers is automatically placed to our ‘Uber-like’ collectors, who take care of  transportation to our partner recycling companies. Additionally, various community development and gamification features will be implemented on the platform, such as high quality green content, competitions, green lotteries and others. Apaga aims to turn recycling into a fun and engaging activity that is easy, rewarding and benefits the whole society.