From all the plastic that is produced globally, it is estimated that about 30% of it ends up being thrown away on land or into the sea, and that only about 10% of it is recycled.

With the aim of helping to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our planet and encourage greater recycling, Ekomodo was born in 2018. It creates a collection of products eco-designed, with innovative materials 100% recycled from plastic waste, 100% recyclable and manufactured in a socially friendly  way. They are oriented towards the B2B market, with ecological merchandising. Ekomodo is part of the Eko-REC Group, an industrial company, part of a circular economy: the only one in Europe which, in addition to recycling the plastic thrown to the yellow container (we recycle about 5 million bottles a day = 23,000Tn/year), we also convert the material obtained in our own facilities in two products : PET film, to make recycled containers; and fiber polyester, for the manufacture of automotive and textile components. In addition to the industrial part, we innovate in R&D projects and new products. Fruit of this effort Ekomodo was born, transforming waste into quality products, with style and sustainable for the day to day. More than transforming plastic waste into products eco-designed with innovative materials and 100% recyclable, each Ekomodo represents a message: that we must take care of our planet and that plastic waste can be resource.