Our solution challenges plastic waste by giving it a value: anyone who comes and deposits plastic waste at a collection point will receive a financial reward given out under the form of digital tokens. One would only need a smartphone and our Empower mobile application. As the plastic collector delivers plastic waste, they present their QR code to be scanned, and receive the tokens immediately in their digital wallet. The tokens can be converted to their local currency (1 token = 1 USD) or donated to fund another clean-up. As people get rewarded when they bring in plastic, we are incentivising the clean-up of plastic waste on a large scale and closing the tap on plastic leakage into nature.

Our solution also enables direct recycling aids to countries who do not have the resources and waste management systems to handle plastic pollution by themselves. The transparency and trace-ability of our blockchain-powered solution – which permits the immutable recordings of when, where, how much plastic has been collected and how much the plastic waste collector has been paid – provide the credibility for sponsors to invest in Empower’s plastic fund to support plastic clean-ups where they are most needed. We ensure the security of the transactions and bridge the trust gap that exists when it comes to deploying financial aids. Individuals, businesses and local governments can offset their plastic waste footprint and see the real impact that they are making on the plastic waste issue.