FunPlastic re-imagines an ecosystem where marine plastic waste is transformed into educational toys for children, becoming the foundation of a more prosperous society and economy. Plastic is a major contributor to marine pollution. Oceans are an essential source of life. The oceans contain 97% of all water, providing living creatures with drinking water.

FunPlastic seeks to encourage the next generation to fight ocean pollution, by designing a series of colorful toys made from upcycled marine plastic waste. The goal is to raise awareness for sustainability and connect children to this major environmental problem through each character’s narrative. FunPlastic Toys are a collection of sea animals, whose stomachs are full of indigestible marine plastic garbage. Each character comes with its own educational story booklet, describing its life at the sea and how it is affected by plastic pollution. With the use of a fishing rod the children can remove the plastic debris from the animals’ stomachs and through play, familiarize themselves with the most common types of marine plastic waste and how it affects the ecosystem.

All toys are digitally crafted from upcycled marine plastic with the use of 3D printing. All marine plastic waste will be collected from the cruise ships that sail the Mediterranean sea. The new products are re-recyclable, hence completely circular.

Introducing children, through play, to the circular economy and raising awareness of plastic recycling will contribute to a more sustainable future and establish the framework for a more engaged society as a whole.