Green Sail has developed 2 programs that unite various nautical businesses involved in tourism in Croatia in order to improve their environmental policies and start changing their habits.

The Green Sail Charter Program promotes the importance of recycling and reducing plastic products for charter companies and their guests, both on sailing boats and within marinas. To date, this program includes over 50 charter companies with more than 1,200 sailing boats. We provide them with education, necessary materials (flags, brochures and stickers for sailboats) before their first departure, as well as support in individual and joint projects. Additionally, Green Sail prepares documents used along with pre-departure information for charter clients strongly focusing on reduce, reuse and recycle principles in order to help them prepare for their vacation.

The Green Sail Marina Program advises partner marinas on appropriate waste management practices, with an emphasis on efficient (plastic) waste separation. For its partner marinas, the initiative provides educational, promotional and informative materials, a marine guide, regular check-ups and advice, whenever needed. So far, the program has around 30 marinas along the Croatian coastline, as well as one marina in Montenegro.

Having achieved great success in Croatia with these programs (over 230 thousand charter clients were introduced with Green Sail messages in 2018), our aim is to transfer this concept to other countries with a developed nautical industry. We have proved that changing habits and practices within this sector is possible and very well accepted and it is our obligation to disseminate these activities further.