Earth is under attack from the nasty aliens, called Crocobets. They use stupidity and laziness as their main weapons. The only way to save the planet is through reading, learning and ACTING. Kidibot is a nice little robot that helps kids. The reports from the Kidibot spies shows that for the past 40 years, Crocobets have initiated a vicious plan to undermine our health and future through hyper-plastic usage. Kids are the only ones that stand between Earth annihilation and a clean future. They will be involved in an epic battle against plastic waste on 2 different fronts: understanding the dangers of plastic usage plus community involvement.

Online, there will be micro-courses on plastic waste (5-10 minutes), quizzes to answer afterwards, rankings, virtual badges (eco-warriors), diplomas, missions (solve 1 quiz every day for 5 days) quests to find artifacts for extra powers, monthly prizes.

Offline, the kids with their mobile phones must report from their community plastic waste examples (picture, GPS location, details) and these details will go to local/state authorities after pre-approval, as community involvement.  The fighters will act in teams (classrooms) and/or individuals, with or without teacher supervision. So, kids will learn that they should not use plastic too much and they’ll start small protests within local communities to save the environment.