Laminating is the process of gluing a thin layer of plastic to a paper with the help of heat. It is used to seal and preserve posters, menus, magazine covers and much more. Lamination provides strength and flexibility to the paper, changes the texture to glossy or matt and creates various effects to catch the eye of the customer. All of those products are meant to be used for a year, a month, or a week, yet they can last for a 100 years. Not only is the production of plastic damaging to nature but the fact that it’s almost impossible to separate from the paper makes it really hard to recycle.

LAM’ON is basically made from corn. The film is based on bio-polymers while the glue layer is completely non-toxic and suited for the needs of the printing industry.
Moreover, during our prototyping phase we established that there are no VOC emissions (it actually smells a bit like caramel), allowing us to provide a healthier environment for the people producing or using LAM’ON. Finally, because of its biodegradability, depending on the type of paper that is laminated, the end product can be recycled or even composted. All components used in the film are 100% biodegradable and certified.