MIWA´s goal is to apply the principles of circular economy into the category of daily use packaged products (such as pasta, cereals, pet food or cleaning products) that are still considered a niche market (“packaging free stores”). These solutions face multiple issues that keep branded producers and key retailers outside the game and block the possibility to scale it up to market standard.

At MIWA, we have reinvented the approach completely. We have built a new distribution business model around the principle of circular packaging with enhanced data and information features that put the solution into the 21st century. MIWA provides producers (brands) standardized, smart reusable packaging (the capsule with RFID/NFC tag). The reusable packaging works in tandem with equipment supplied by MIWA to retailers; the in-store equipment is designed to dispense the product in a comfortable and hygienic way, while the  system delivers the information about goods. MIWA keeps control of all packaging and materials circulating in the system.

A standard full-fledged Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study was commissioned to compare environmental impacts of the MIWA system compared to current conventional packaging. The results show that the overall carbon footprint can be reduced by 47-62% and the overall environmental impact by up to 71%.

The MIWA solution has been recognized and awarded by several impact authorities and quoted in key circular economy papers. (e.g. Ellen McArthur foundation, SGD Awards, E.ON Energy Globe Awards, European Commission, UN).