KaraPlast: Paving Sustainable Communities of the Future is a social enterprise idea that combines the altruist motives for a better life in the environment together with a sustainable business model that will support it on a long-term level while distinguishing it from its competitors.

This will be achieved by creating infrastructure and houses that will be partly made from plastic granules by adding them as one of the components in the production process. Materials that can be made with this process are bricks, rooftop tiles, pavements and even asphalt, which cover the most common materials used in public spaces and infrastructure, but also most of the materials used during construction of living buildings. The benefits from buying these materials varies from environmentally friendly motives by increasing the recycling rate of the plastic to paying less for more durable materials that will last longer since the degrade rate of plastic is around 500 years. Furthermore, the concept for eco-friendly living buildings will be developed even further by using the methods of a passive house. There will be an additional opportunity to install solar panels and wind turbines with every house constructed, which will be more affordable than the ones on the market. Additionally, the enterprise will offer to install a plastic waste container near the building for free if the customer chooses the option. The plastic will be collected by a team from the enterprise regularly, which later will be used in the creation process of new materials.