Pluumo is made from surplus feathers, of which around 3 million tons are produced every year in the EU. Feather fibres are combined with a small amount of compostable binder. The resulting textile is highly insulating and we wrap this in a food grade compostable film for ease of handling. Two pluumo liners are placed inside a cardboard delivery box. Products can be kept cool during delivery without using expanded polystyrene, and pluumo has been designed to be totally compostable at the end of its life. We have already completed pilot manufacturing and testing, and have some early customers in the UK as we launched the product last year.

The specific idea for this project will now be to scale our idea across Europe. We already manufacture in Denmark and source our feathers from the Czech Republic. However, lowering the cost of manufacturing is extremely important to make this a commercially viable product. Therefore we need to further investigate partnerships across Europe and increase efficiency. We are already in discussions with organisations in Spain and France. We also need to increase awareness of pluumo across Europe to increase sales.

Additionally, we wish to explore how to mass produce pluumo in Europe. This will involve automating various steps of the production and understanding how to wash poultry feathers from the food industry. We currently source pre-washed surplus duck feather from the down industry, although this is of limited available quantity compared to chicken feathers and also comes at a higher cost.