The value of plastic packaging is not fully exploited by society. Although plastic materials are highly durable and resistant, they are mostly converted into single-use packaging applications. The consequences are over-consumption, resource inefficiency, and environmental pollution. Refeel Good will redefine the concept of plastic packaging, promoting a reuse circular system where plastic’s economic value is maximised, and its environmental impact minimised.

Refeel Good is an easy and convenient delivery refill system, where consumers use an app to request the refill of their everyday laundry and home care products. An 100% electric van will come to make the refill. In this system consumers will not be charged for packaging (the packaging is only charged if not returned), because packaging will be designed to be reusable. As consumers do not pay for packaging, they will have access to cheaper products. Also, Refeel Good app will use a gamification reward system to promote sustainable attitudes (e.g. recycling), rewarding individuals and their communities. Our laundry and home care products will be fully sustainable. Our packaging will be eco-designed, lightweight, easy to store and 100%-recycled-plastic made. Both product and packaging will be certified Cradle-to-Cradle.

Refeel Good will give a concrete answer to the plastic waste challenge. It will transform a traditional single-use product into a durable one. That would allow less trash, at the same time that reduces the need for new production.