We propose launching small social enterprises in local communities throughout the Republic of Croatia, for material mechanical recycling of the municipal and construction plastic waste and the production of primary filament (filling) for 3D printers, followed by  a variety of new products produced by 3D print techniques. With the project we want to contribute to solving the two of the greatest societal challenges at the same time: the environmental protection and huge and long-lasting unemployment of the harder-to-employ social groups. The idea came out of the need for secondary plastic waste disposal accumulated on the coast which threatens to severely pollute the sea; the need for high unemployment rate reduction of the lower education groups, especially those in less developed areas; as well as the need for development of the new, so called “green jobs”, which are still in deficit in Croatia.

According to the available data, still around 70% of waste is being disposed into waste dumps, only  30% is being reused, of which only 26% is being recycled. Only 15% of  municipal waste is being reused.  Clearly, it is necessary to increase the share of plastic reuse and recycling, which opens up great opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship in the sphere of circular economy, so-called green jobs, and the opening of new jobs. According to all indicators, social entrepreneurship is one of the key ways of including harder-to-employ  groups of citizens into the labor market, and with the   integrated and overall waste management system it is possible to double the number of jobs in a relatively short time.