Based on 42 years of experiences in the plastics industry, next to 10 years in developing innovative brand products, Skaza is about to provide SAFE to public events, addressing the major challenge public events are facing – the massive use of disposable for-one-time-use plastic products for serving food and drinks.

SAFE challenges plastic waste by providing new products (cups, plates, cutlery), created from environmentally friendly bio-based plastic materials that are reusable and recyclable at the very end of their use (when damaged), along with the complete circular business model to organizers of public events. SAFE intends to change the way event organizers serve food and drinks and address their plastic waste, next to how visitors act at events and after, doing what is best for the environment while enjoying their time. SAFE for the environment and SAFE for our health along with changed behavior.

SAFE model:
– bio-based, reusable, recyclable cups, plates and cutlery are produced and offered to events along with the circular business model and change in mindset,
– the model offers full reuse/return/(re)sell/recycle system of cups, plates and cutlery for visitors (reuse for personal events – picnics, celebrations etc. or as souvenirs/collector’s items – are reselling online as such) and for organizers (unusable/damaged products at the end of their lifecycle are returned back to Skaza for recycling/reusing),
– products have the option of customization for the specific public event – molding, engraving or printing,
– Skaza will recycle unusable products and use that as material for new products or sell it as semi-finished products.