Plastic has come into our life as a commodity, that we can no longer imagine living without. It’s a resource – that must be used wisely and must be recycled. Education is fundamental in the issue of plastic waste. In targeting – the younger generation we could grow a generation of aware consumers. Youth – as the most pliable part of our society will be the one forming our future. Interactive exercise is the best way to educate youth. We want them to be included in the problem solving. In our plastic recycling workshop kids would make new items from their collected plastic waste. It’s important to shift their mindset from seeing it as a waste and recognizing it as a resource. Throughout the entire project the youth will be familiarized with the types of plastic and the different ways of recycling it. By participating in the project they will sort plastic and generate ideas about objects that could be made out of it to meet the needs of their community. The best ideas will be chosen through voting and the winning ideas will be made into reality. By traveling with the studio we will be able to reach smaller cities and towns where information about alternative recycling opportunities isn’t as easily accessible as in larger cities. Our goal is to spread this idea of an alternative plastic recycling workshop and bring together environmentally conscious and responsible communities who are able to reduce consumption, sort and recycle the waste into useful and durable objects.