VEnvirotech is a biotechnological start-up that produces two polyhydroxyalcanoate (PHA) bioplastics, called PHB and PHBV, using bacteria. They are similar in characteristics to polyolefins like Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) and also, PHB and PHBV, are biodegradable in the environment and compatible with human body. VEnvirotech produces bioplastics following three basic principles: 1. We use our own mixed culture bacteria for producing bioplastics. PHA-bacteria use PHA as an energy reserve so VEnvirotech’s technology provoke them to produce it constantly 2. We extract and transform bacteria’s bioplastic into PHA sustainable resins for different market applications 3. We feed bacteria with organic wastes such as food, wine, animal or sewage sludge waste. This way we go from waste… to value.

VEnvirotech achieves the transformation of the organic wastes into PHA bioplastics thanks to its own technology, that is installed where the waste is generated inside of a maritime container and which allows obtaining the PHA bioplastic in a one-day process. The process consists in organic waste pre-treatment, bacteria selection, PHA accumulation and PHA extraction. VEnvirotech creates a network of producers, all of them working with the same technology, which allows to standardize the final bioplastic product and put it back on the market as a material with high added value with a applications in packaging, biomedicine (prothesis or drug discovery) or 3D printing materials. Using circular economy and our own technology VEnvirotech can have a biodegradable bioplastic from organic wastes within the same price range as the petroleum plastic.