Everyday in Bulgaria (and around the world) huge amounts of malt turns into waste after beer production. This residual malt is sometimes used as a feed for animals but more often goes straight to landfill. Beer producers even have to pay waste management companies to come and take this malt and then send it to landfill. We took some of this ‘waste product’ and sent it to the laboratory to see what the composition of malt was and its nutritional characteristics were. The results showed us that malt can be great nutritious food and has protein, slow carbohydrates and some saccharides which makes it great as a food for people.

In 2021 disposable plastics will be banned in Europe and a lot of fast food restaurants, big festivals, municipalities  and companies will suffer if they don’t find a good and relatively cheap solution. Edible plates and utensils could be a great solution to this upcoming problem. Inspired by this we made trials aiming to end up with different edible things made of this residual malt. We baked crackers, small bawls and plates. This product is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It can perfectly replace the plastic disposable plates and utensils and at the same time won’t change the  current processes in our client’s businesses. And the biggest advantage is that it eliminates the need of plastic.